To Love and to Loathe


Allow me to gush about To Love and to Loathe for a moment. To Have and to Hoax was probably one of favorite debuts of last year and this is SUCH a fun follow-up, I was pretty much jumping up and down when I got the ARC.

After an argument at a ball leads to a wager that infamous rake (in need of an heiress), Jeremy, Marquess of Willingham will be married within the year, Diana, Lady Templeton is shocked to find him on her doorstep with a far more sexy proposition. Jeremy’s latest mistress did a number to his confidence and he wants a lover who he knows will be honest with him to critique his skills. Who better than his best friend’s sister, Diana? Frenemies to lovers and brother’s best friend – a perfect comfort read after year of covid!

Given the Austen-esque plot, it felt utterly modern. Things I loved: Jeremy was a complete doll to his Grandma, there was a LGBTQ+ subplot, and witty repartee. All in all this book is seriously fun, and I cant wait for the next in the series.


By Lex

Romance reader and aspiring writer, dog mom, wine drinker and book junkie.

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