It Happened One Summer


I absolutely adored this book – without doubt Tessa Bailey’s best book yet!

Β When socialite Piper Bellinger is cut off by her Stepdad and sent to Westport, a tiny Washington fishing town, to run her late father’s bar, she’s determined to get back to LA and her life as soon as possible. Especially after a not-so-warm welcome from Westport’s unofficial Mayor, gruff fishing captain Brandon. Westport is a small town, and she keeps running into Brandon, who quickly becomes a distraction she does not need in her quest to return to California. She’s determined to stay away from him, especially after being warned away from fisherman by her mom, but finds herself both connecting to her history in Westport – and unable to leave Brandon behind.

Piper was a fantastic character. Based on Alexis, from Schitt’s Creek, Piper experiences so much growth, determined to be more than the flighty influencer people think she is. It’s really lovely to see her reconnect with her hometown and her fraternal Grandmother. And gruff, grumpy Brandon is the perfect foil to bubbly and peppy Piper. Their chemistry sizzles and jumps off the page, and in classic Bailey form, is super steamy!

A terrific rom-com. I read it on vacation and loved it so much, I carried it all the way across Europe with me instead of leaving it behind to lighten my luggage. I know this is going to become a comfort read for me, and I’ll read it again and again…just like how I watch Schitt’s Creek over and over! I can’t wait for Hannah’s story in the next book!


By Lex

Romance reader and aspiring writer, dog mom, wine drinker and book junkie.

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