The Good Girl’s Guide to Rakes

💥💥💥💥.5/5 When Kieran instigates a huge scandal for his family, his father threatens to cut him off unless he finally buckles down and finds himself a respectable wife.  But these kinds of ladies are in short supply in Kieran’s life, he turns to his best friend’s sister, Celeste for help. In return for introductions to…… Continue reading The Good Girl’s Guide to Rakes

How to Survive a Modern Day Fairy Tale

💥💥/5 Described as a modern-day Cinderella story, in “How to Survive a Modern Day Fairy Tale”, Claire Ventura, people pleaser and wanna-be cookie entrepreneur is shocked when she literally almost runs into tech billionaire, Nate.  Immediately, Nate knows Claire is “the one” and sets out to woo her by whisking her to Paris. Candidly, there…… Continue reading How to Survive a Modern Day Fairy Tale

The Ex Hex

💥💥💥💥/5 Never mix vodka and witchcraft, Aunt Elaine always says. One night, heartbroken after a summer fling with Rhys Penhallow and fueled by bubble bath, vodka, and candles Vivianne Jones curses Rhys. When he returns 9 years later for the Founder’s Day Festival to recharge the town’s ley lines, things start to go wrong. The…… Continue reading The Ex Hex